Building the WPL B24 GAZ 66 RC Truck Kit

WPL B24 GAZ 66 RC Truck Kit
What is it like to build one of the world's cheapest RC truck kits? Let's find out together! It's been quite some time since I've posted any new content to this site but recently an extremely cheap RC truck caught my eye on Amazon. That is the WPL B24. Designed to closely resemble the Russian made GAZ 66 military truck, the 1/16 scale B24 features full time 4wd, front and rear solid axles with locked diffs, a steel c-channel chassis, a leaf spring suspension system, a cool looking interior and tons of scale details. At around $50 for the kit (less radio), the B24 sure does seem too go to be true. Whether that is the case, only time will tell. For now, let the build begin!

Building the Traxxas TRX-4 Scale Crawler

Traxxas TRX-4 Build PicturesBack in 2009, while the rock crawling segment of the RC car hobby was still in its teething stages, there was quite a bit of speculation that Traxxas would jump into the mix with their very own crawler. Not long after, the Traxxas Summit was released. Based on the Revo platform, the Summit had a long arm independent suspension, a futuristic body, remote locking differentials and a hi/low transmission. It was a very cool truck in its own right but it wasn't quite what most RC crawling enthusiasts had hoped for. It sure seemed like Traxxas would never release a true solid axle RC rock crawler. Fast forward 8 years and the amazing Traxxas TRX-4 was announced. Not only was the TRX-4 the solid axle crawler we all wanted, Traxxas went even further with remote locking diffs, a 2 speed transmission, high clearance portal axles, and an ultra scale Land Rover Defender body. To make things even better, less than a year later Traxxas released a kit version of the TRX-4 for those of us who like to build our own trucks. Now I've gotten a hold of one and will document the build process here for all to enjoy. Let's get started!

Axial SCX10 II Upgrades on a Tight Budget

For many RC car enthusiasts the ability to upgrade their rig is the best part of this awesome hobby. Thankfully the selection of hop-ups available for vehicles like Axial SCX10 II are quite extensive. Heck, you could probably replace every part of that truck with upgrades from the aftermarket. While that's great, not every upgrade has to be expensive. Some of the best upgrades come from your imagination. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. And that's what this article is all about. I came up with a few cheap or free upgrades that the average hobbyist can do to their SCX10 II on a tight budget.

Snow Day Crawling with the Axial SCX10

Since the successful build of my Axial SCX10 II I've been waiting for a snow storm to roll through to get some footage of this truck in action. Thankfully, that day has finally arrived! Check out the video and let us know what you think. Thanks again to A-Main Hobbies for their continued support!

Building the Axial SCX10 II Scale Crawler Kit

Building the Axial SCX10 II Scale RC Crawler Kit
Before Axial Racing released the original SCX10, most scale RC crawling enthusiasts were forced to take the more hardcore 2.2" wheel equipped AX10 and convert it to a scale crawler with one of a few scale chassis kits that were available at the time. I went down this road with my very own AX10 when I wanted to give it a more scale appearance. The conversion process wasn't all that hard but it took a bit of custom fabrication that kept it out of the hands of the average hobbyist. Then, in 2011, the Axial SCX10 hit the market and changed everything. Now anyone could pick up an SCX10 at their local hobby shop and they'd have an great scale truck that performs as good as it looks. In 2016, Axial upped their game once again with the release of the SCX10 II, a truck we've been wanting to build ever since. Now, thanks to the generosity of the fine folks over at A-Main Hobbies, we've gotten ahold of the Axial SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee kit, which we'll be documenting the build of, right here, for all to enjoy. While this will be a build of the stock kit, we plan to do a few follow up posts on whatever upgrades or mods we do to the truck in the coming months. For now, lets get to the build!

How to Paint RC Car Bodies

How to Paint RC Car Bodies
Back in the day, just about every RC car kit came with a clear polycarbonate body that required many hours to trim, mask, detail and paint before it could actually be used. With the advent of ready to run RC cars, which usually come with pre-painted bodies, custom body painting seems to have become somewhat of a lost art form. But there is no need to fear this aspect of our great hobby. With a little time, patience and know-how, you too can be popping a completely unique body on your latest ride, making it the envy of all your friends and competitors. To get you started, we'll teach you everything you need to know to paint a body of your very own. For this article we'll be painting a Pro-Line Jeep Wrangler body thanks to our friends over at A-Main Hobbies. However, these how-to instructions can be used to paint anything from a tiny body for a Losi Micro-T to a giant lid for the Losi 5IVE, and everything in between.

Project Mil-Spec: RC4WD Beast 2 6×6 Build

Building the RC4WD Beast 2
It has been just over three years since RC4WD first announced the Beast 2 RC military truck kit and I've wanted one ever since. This isn't your run of the mill scale RC crawler. No, this bad boy features a functional 6x6 drivetrain with cast axles, all metal gears, a two speed transmission you shift from the transmitter, a scale transfer case, and an unbelievably detailed hard body. Speak of which, the Beast's body isn't a single injection molded piece like you're used to seeing on other RC trucks. On the contrary, the Beast body is made up of one hundred separate pieces that require many painstaking hours to glue together. If you're the type that likes to build your own RC kits, the RC4WD is a dream come true. Thanks to the magical powers of Santa, I finally got my hands on a Beast 2 of my very own. So, please follow along as I document my time building the RC4WD Beast 2 with a few upgrades including a custom built interior and a completely hand made anti-aircraft gun for the bed!

Tamiya Clod Buster JPS Pro Slow Mo Video

Since posting the build photos and action video of that sweet Tamiya Clod Buster JPS Pro Chassis conversion, we also uploaded a video of this truck in slow mo. Check it out above and let us know what you think.

Tamiya Clod Buster JPS Action Video

Last month we posted our time lapse build video of the Tamiya Bullhead we recently picked up. You'd never know it by looking at this video, but this is the same truck. Since the first video, our Bullhead has gone through quite a conversion. Check out the action video above and then read the rest of the details on this truck here.

Tamiya Clod Buster JPS Pro Chassis Conversion

Tamiya Clod Buster JPS Pro Chassis
After years of longing to relive my first hobby grade RC car build, I recently had the chance to pick up the first RC car I ever built, the Tamiya Bullhead. It was awesome! The waves of nostalgia flowed through my veins like a drug. I felt exactly like that 14 year old kid back in the early 90s, doing it all for the first time, again. At that moment, I thought for sure that I'd keep the truck box stock forever. Then, a few months later, while browsing Ebay, I stumbled across a pretty rare gem. It was a JPS Pro Clod Buster chassis. There it was, the Clod upgrade I could only dream of owning back in the day, and now it was available for sale. I knew it would be scooped up quickly so I leaped into action and bought it. Now it was mine! The following photos document the conversion from a stock Tamiya Bullhead to the JPS Venom Clod!
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