Pro-Line Pro-2 Snow Action Video

Earlier this Winter we were running our Pro-Line Pro-2 RC short course truck when it began to snow. Darn, our fun was over until Spring. Or was it? That's when the light bulb lit over our heads and we decided to convert our Pro-2 to a snow slinging beast!

The first thing that came to mind was that we definitely needed a pair of tires that would really hook up in the snow. The stock Blockade tires obviously weren't going to cut it, so we swapped them out for a pair of Pro-Line Sling Shot paddle tires. We probably could have just stopped there and kept running the stock front wheels but to make this ride a little more unique we wanted to try our luck with a set of snow skis. The problem we found was that the cheapest ski kits designed for RC trucks like ours were upwards of $70. That was a little too rich for our blood, especially with a budget build like this. So instead we decided to build our own. Making a pair of skis from a sheet of polycarbonate probably wouldn't have been that tough but luckily we stumbled upon a set of Park Flyer Skis made by Dubro that were the perfect size. Check out our RC short course snow conversion in video above and let us know what you think!
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